I recently had my book, The Yoga Practice Guide, published with ARS CIVES in Macau.
From beginning to end, ARS CIVES was very professional, informative and knew their business. The price of the printing was very attractive and the quality excellent. The shipment of my product from Macau to the US was fast and efficient with no problems or delays at all. Really smooth.
Throughout the whole process everything was clear and well ordered. I felt very well taken care of indeed. I definitely intend to do my many future printing and design projects with ARS CIVES. Thank you all so much.

-Bruce Bowditch

Third Eye Studio, USA

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I am a book collector, of both old and modern ones.
I own two books designed and printed by Ars Cives. A better description could be a “coffee table book.” This is an expensive picture book used for display and can be defined as a large, usually expensive book with lavish illustrations, especially one used for display or casual perusal rather than reading.

I love to entertain and many of my guests, from professionals to executives, are amazed at the quality and content of my books. Some of their comments are “Wow, beautifully done,” “Can I buy this from you?” “This is one of the best books that I have seen or read!” “The quality of the printing and photography is outstanding!”

I have several hundred library or reference books in my collection. Only a few of the best make it to my coffee table. The ones that I purchased, and found that were from Ars Cives are without a doubt the most exquisitely designed, masterfully produced and beautifully printed books in my collection. When the order was placed and until the book arrived, I waited in anticipation and baited breath. Not knowing how the quality and craftsmanship would be half a world away, I was at first apprehensive. But after speaking with the people at Ars Cives, my fears and concerns were allayed.

I am ecstatic with them. I highly recommend Ars Cives.

-James Miller (Pennsylvania, USA)

I own three books produced by Ars Cives, and each is a work of art - huge, full color photos with vibrant, crisp resolution, printed on heavy paper, and with superior binding. I also have seen and handled a number of other Ars Cives books in person, and they all adhere to this high standard. I can personally attest to the effectiveness and diligence of Ars Cives' design and production management capabilities, as I was directly involved in the production of one of these volumes. For this particular book, Ars Cives directed the photography as well as the overall design of the book. Each photo was personally processed, cropped, sized, color-corrected, and retouched where necessary. The design phase was fast and efficient, and the arrangements and follow-up with the printer and shipper were rapid and smooth. Another not-insignificant bonus to working with Ars Cives is the fantastic cost for such high-quality work - a fraction of what one would pay a US printer. I certainly intend to have my future publications designed and produced by Ars Cives.

-Marcus Inger (Fairfax, Virginia, USA)

I recently purchased a large book here that I learned was designed and printed by Ars Cives for a US publisher. It is a huge tomb of information and I was very pleased with the quality of the design and printing. My interest in books led me to email Ars Cives and contact with the company was friendly, yet professional and informative; specially considering the distance and cultures that separate us. In addition, I think Ars Cives has a global desire to be competitively priced and so attract international as well as local Publishers.

-Gerard Mitchell, Michigan, USA