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Date: 3/25/2008
Time: 7:50:13 PM


I know very well some of the works of ARS CIVES. They made a very professional and superb work, producing and installing an Exhibition promoting the Tourism of Portugal, that took place in the Convention and Exhibition Center of Macau Tower in MACAO SAR in January and February, last year. It was really very successful and admired by the more than 100.0000 people who visited it.
Manuel Geraldes (Macau)

Time:12:32:06 PM


Não posso deixar de manifestar, em língua portuguesa, como me compete, enquanto presidente do IPOR, uma enorme admiração pelo interesse e pela beleza que encontrei neste espaço de partilha cultural. Obrigada!
Congratulations for such an interesting and beautiful website.
Maria Helena Rodrigues - Macau

Time:8:25:59 PM


I read "Kamogawa's myst", it's a beautiful story. Who wrote it?


Thank you. Our Art Director

Time:3:15:20 AM


From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I send you my congratulations and thanks for this beautiful website.
Do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, parabéns e obrigada por este belo website.

Time:12:02:20 AM


Great work!!! Best Regards, Nuno Veloso

Time:1:09:44 AM


Thank you for the good and valuable information on your site. I am from Ukraine and , too, and now am writing in English, give true I wrote the following sentence: "How to write a resume professional resume writer explains how to write a great resume." With love :-), Jiro.

Time:4:15:49 PM


Excellent site. Well done.

Time:7:09:36 PM


Hey. I write because I'm afraid to say some things out loud. I am from Iran and also now I'm speaking English, please tell me whether I wrote the following sentence well: "Filled with breathtaking facts and remarkable colour photographs, it will, above all." :) Thanks in advance. Becky.

Time:2:13:42 AM


Enjoy your tutorials very much. First saw your work in one of the Lapidary Journal spin off magazines and thought then that this was some of the most beautiful work I've ever seen and would someday like to try something similar. Thank you for sharing this beautiful technique, and kindest regards, Elaine Rucker O'Donley

Time:2:57:33 AM


Amazing site. João Botas

Time:10:02:25 AM


Parabéns por este site. Uma vez mais a sua criatividade se manifesta. Manuela Silva - Lisboa
Congratulations for this site. Once more your creativity manifests itself. Manuela Silva - Lisbon

Time:01:00:18 AM


ARS CIVES again did a beautiful job producing my latest book, The Yoga Asana Index. This time we sent all the files digitally which was super efficient. I had a proof in just a few days with everything perfect first time. All my specifications were followed exactly. The final book is really a fine product that I am very proud to offer to my customers.
We had the printed books shipped by sea which was a very reasonable cost and surprising quick. When the shipment arrived the crates themselves were very well constructed and protected everything perfectly. Even the boxes within the crates were individually sealed in plastic against potential water damage.
One thing ARS CIVES is very good at is anticipating potential problems before they arise, thereby advising and guiding a project so that everything goes very smoothly. It makes the whole experience hassle-free from my side.

Bruce Bowditch
Third Eye Studio, Tucson Arizona, USA

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